CSHBK Burning
Before burning CSHBK for SEFI, please ensure that you have added the viewing key for CSHBK. If you're unfamiliar with this process, please visit Viewing Keys for additional information. You can add the CSHBK viewing key directly from this page by clicking the magnifying glass next to 'View Balance' as shown below:
You'll then receive a pop-up dialog from your Keplr wallet to approve adding the viewing key and then the standard gas approval dialog.
Once the viewing key is added, you'll be able to see what CSHBK you've earned so far and be given a scale to review redemption performance, as pictured at the bottom of the screenshot above. Users can then simply click 'Redeem for SEFI' from the page on SecretSwap and redeem CSHBK for SEFI via burn mechanism. You'll be asked to approve the transaction, as always.

CLI Instructions

If you're a CLI user, please use the following command to implement the burn from your CLI wallet:
secretcli tx compute execute secret1eckd8jyjjz5qvse3t42qnepy4ywg9qj6hlh46s '{"burn":{"amount”:”1000000”}}’ --from <name_of_account> --gas 500000
The command above will burn 1 CSHBCK for SEFI.
Last modified 7mo ago
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