Bridges allow cross-chain liquidity on SecretSwap and allow Secret Network to provide privacy to the blockchain ecosystem.
SecretSwap supports cross-chain exchanges through bridges that allow you to lock tokens from one blockchain (e.g.: Ethereum) and receive SecretToken equivalents to use in SecretSwap. The Ethereum, Monero, & Binance Smart Chain bridges are currently available and others are in active development. The list of supported assets can be found here.
Keep in mind that there are minimum amounts to withdraw your SecretTokens back to the Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain blockchains due to the their respective network fees. These are listed in the Supported Assets page.
To use the Ethereum & BSC bridges, you will need both the Keplr Wallet and Metamask wallet on your browser. The bridge will then allow you to choose if you want to move tokens from Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain to Secret Network, or viceversa. You can bridge ETH, BNB, or any of the supported tokens to their SecretToken equivalent, keep in mind that the bridging transaction will incur Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain network fees. The XMR bridge was created by a different development team and has different processes. The tutorial for this bridge can be found here. To choose which bridge you would like to use, simply click the drop down box and make your selection as shown in the picture below:
Remember to generate the appropriate viewing keys to see the balance of your freshly bridged SecretTokens.
You can select the Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain token you wish to bridge and then enter the Secret Network address where the SecretToken equivalent will be received. You can click the "Use my address" link to use the address in your Keplr wallet. Simply click the blue 'Bridge to Secret Network' button in the bottom right corner and authorize the transaction in your wallet as prompted.
If you have never bridged an asset, you will be prompted for two transactions by Metamask.
You can easily switch which direction you want to bridge by clicking this button
in the center.
Going the opposite direction, from Secret Network to Ethereum or Secret Network to Binance Smart Chain, you'll deposit the desired amount of sETH, sBNB, or sToken ERC-20/BEP-20 equivalent on the bridge and burn that amount to receive the amount of ETH/BNB or ERC-20/BEP-20 at the Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain address provided, minus gas fees from the asset you're bridging for multisign on this transaction. Simply click the blue 'Bridge to' button in the bottom right corner and authorize the transaction in your wallet as prompted.
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